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The Donnell Jewellers Story

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High Street Christchurch 1990Donnell Jewellers was established on 4 September 1975, in Christchurch, New Zealand by manufacturing jeweller and valuer, Richard Donnell. Richard and his wife, Ngaio, operated the manufacturing and retail business for 35 years from 281 High Street (in the heritage Triangle Chambers building).

Assisted over the years by their four daughters and various staff, they became a well loved and respected business in central Christchurch.

The 7.1 magnitude Greendale Earthquake struck Christchurch on Donnell Jewellers’ 35th birthday. This closed the store for nearly two weeks while the buildings in the area were assessed for structural damage.

However, it was a different story five months later when the devastating 6.3 magnitude Christchurch Earthquake struck on 22 February 2011. Fortunately the family, staff and customers made it safely out of the store. Sadly though, it was clear from the moment they stepped outside that they would not resume trading from this location again for a long time – if ever.

The Triangle Chambers and Triangle Centre buildings, along with so many others in the central city, were eventually demolished (2011-2013).

Richard, Ngaio and daughter Deb now operate the business from their homes. To make an enquiry, or arrange an appointment please telephone +64 3 366 3648.

Our hours are Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. New Zealand Time.