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Precious Metals Used in Jewellery

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Introduction to Precious Metals

Platinum, gold and silver are considered precious metals because of their properties and the fact that they do not corrode (rust), discolour or tarnish when exposed to the elements.

This is the reason why these metals are used to make quality jewellery.

Platinum and silver are white coloured precious metals. Within the platinum group of metals are palladium and rhodium, which are also white coloured metals. Palladium is starting to be used once again in the fabrication of jewellery, whilst rhodium is used for plating purposes only.

Gold is naturally a rich yellow colour, but when alloyed for jewellery, is available in yellow, rose, white or green gold.

All precious metals are alloyed to not only create a more durable piece of jewellery, but to enable the metal to be worked easily by a bench jeweller and retain its finished shape.