What are Jewellery Valuations?

Jewellery valuations are legal documents that detail gemstones and jewellery items for one or more purposes, including:

  • Insurance Policies
  • Gemstone and/or Metal Identification
  • Estate Division
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Sale or Pre-Purchase
  • Other Legal Purposes

Donnell Valuation Services appraises jewellery for retail and trade clients throughout New Zealand. We work by appointment, so please call us to book your appraisal in now.

What Types of Jewellery Appraisals Do You Provide?

Donnell Valuation Services SampleThe types of jewellery appraisals we provide include:

  • Insurance Appraisals (includes full details of your jewellery item(s), colour photograph, and value of replacement with an equivalent quality item)
  • Diamond Grading Reports (details of a loose diamond's characteristics, including the 4Cs)
  • Gem Identification Reports (from basic to complex identifications of gemstones)
  • Inventory Reports (record of items that do not need to be specified on your insurance policy)
  • After Loss Estimates (to assist with filing insurance claims after an item is lost, stolen, or damaged)
  • Pre-Purchase Reports and Valuations (to provide indicative market values for sale or purchase)
  • Estate Distribution Appraisals (a professional, unbiased report listing cash realisation values for fair division)
  • Professional jewellery advice

Why Do I Need To Get My Jewellery Appraised?

People get their jewellery appraised for many reasons. Most often, it is for insurance purposes. However, there are other reasons as we have detailed above. In all cases, appraising jewellery provides evidence of the item's existence and, in the event of a loss, or division, helps to expedite claims or the distribution process.

An insurance valuation is a legal document, and needs to be provided to your insurance company for two reasons:

  1. To ensure your valuable items are covered by your insurance policy.
  2. To identify the characteristics and value of your precious jewellery items in the event of a claim.

We provide you with two copies of the appraisal. One should be kept with all of your other legal documents. The second is to be given to the appropriate other party (i.e. your insurance company or broker, etc.)

What Jewellery Items Should I Get Appraised?

The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors, including what is covered in your insurance policy. It's best to book an appointment and go through your collection with one of our valuers. Some questions you will be asked:

  • What is the purpose of the appraisal?
    • This helps us to recommend the appropriate service to you. An insurance replacement valuation is quite different to an estate division valuation, or a second-hand goods sale.
  • If the item was lost, stolen, or damaged, would you file an insurance claim for it?
    • If yes, then it needs to be appraised and valued at least once, so you have proof of what the item is, and evidence of its value.
    • If no, then the item is likely to only have sentimental value, and therefore cannot be appraised by us.
  • What is the unlisted item limit on your insurance policy?
    • This is the maximum amount your insurance company will pay out of in the event of a claim. Usually this is between $1,000 and $3,000, but could be lower. Check with your insurance company or broker if you are not sure what the amount is.
    • If the item is under the limit, we may recommend you get an inventory report.
    • If the item is over the limit, it will need a full insurance valuation.
  • Has the item been valued before, or do you have other previous documentation, such as gemstone reports, sales certificates, etc?
    • If yes, then please bring your existing paperwork with you.

How Much Does a Jewellery Valuation Cost?

The fee we charge does depend on the service and number of items needing to be valued, as well as other factors such as the size and quantity of stones, and the previous documentation (if any) supplied. We will give you an estimate of fees at the appointment.

Our fees are comparable to other jewellery valuers in New Zealand. As an example, to value a diamond ring with a total diamond weight of less than 1.05 carat, we charge $95.00 (including GST) on our standard service.

How Long Do You Need My Jewellery For?

We generally work to a 3 - 5 day service (excluding weekends). However, if you need a faster service, please discuss this with us when you book your appointment.