The Donnell Jewellers Story

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Donnell Jewellers was established on 4 September 1975, in Christchurch, New Zealand by manufacturing jeweller and valuer, Richard Donnell. Richard and his wife, Ngaio, operated the manufacturing and retail business for 35 years from 281 High Street (in the heritage … Read More

Ring Settings

Metal, Style & Production Ring settings are more than just a feature when it comes to choosing your new piece of jewellery. They need to not only be strong, but also accentuate the beautiful stone you choose to place inside … Read More

Precious Metals Used in Jewellery

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Introduction to Precious Metals Platinum, gold and silver are considered precious metals because of their properties and the fact that they do not corrode (rust), discolour or tarnish when exposed to the elements. This is the reason why these metals … Read More